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The gorilla

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On the square of a city
people looked with admiration
a gorilla brought there
by gypsies in a shed
with little sense of decency
the women of that district
contemplating the animal
I do not say where I will not say how
beware the gorilla!
Suddenly the big cage
where the animal lived
opens with a crash do not know why
perhaps they had inproperly closed
the beast coming out of there
said, "today I'll take it off"
spoke of his virginity
of which he still lived in slavery
beware the gorilla!
The owner started screaming
"My gorilla, beware"
has never seen a monkey
could be confused
all presents at this point
fled in all directions
also women showed
the difference between idea and action
beware the gorilla!
All the people running in a hurry
here and there with great enthusiasm
linger just a little old lady
and a youth judge in his robes
as the other they had melted
the accelerated Quadrumana
and the old and the magistrate
he went with four jumps
beware the gorilla!
"Bah, sighed thinking of the old lady,
I'd still be wanted
would be very strange thing
and for nothing more than hoped"
"I will be taken for a monkey
thought the judge with shortness of breath,
is not possible, that's for sure "
Following is the evidence that he was wrong
beware the gorilla!
If any of you were
forced up against the wall,
violating a judge or an old lady
I would be sure of your choice
but it turns out that the gorilla
considered a great drum
by those who have tried but does not shine
for neither the spirit nor the taste
beware the gorilla!
In fact, he, disdaining the old lady
goes to the judge
strong to catch him by the ear
and drags him into the middle of a meadow
what happened in the tall grass
I can not tell the full
but the show was exciting
and the "suspense" there was really
beware the gorilla!
I will only say that on the more beautiful moment
of the unpleasant and gloomy drama
the judge cried like a calf
cried "mom" in the intervals
"Mom" he screamed as the guy
which the day before as a chicken
with a sentence a little original
had cut the neck.
beware the gorilla!
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Il gorilla

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