Il m'a vue nue (English translation)

  • Artist: Mistinguett (Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois)
  • Song: Il m'a vue nue 4 translations
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He saw me naked

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One evening I was taking a bath
For a swimming costume I had but my skin
No one could see me but for the dark sky
The moon suddenly came out to show off
I was going to say to it "shut up baby!"
When I heard near me an excited shout
There was a man on a rock
not so high
The man said "ah!" whereas I in the water,
I said "ooooooh!"
He saw me naked, totally naked
Without undies nor a bra
I blushed from it until the morning
He saw me naked, totally naked
Out of human dignity
I covered my face with my two hands
But I do believe
That by this rash gesture
I may have forgotten to cover certain little frills
He saw me naked, totally naked, more than naked
He saw me naked, totally naked
I want to forget what happened
Especially because he broke nothing
But I've told myself since that devastating night
That I cannot marry
Another man than him
He saw me naked, totally naked, super naked
He saw me naked, more than naked
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Il m'a vue nue

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