Il nous faut regarder (English translation)

  • Artist: Jacques Brel
  • Song: Il nous faut regarder 5 translations
  • Translations: English, Finnish, German, Japanese, Russian
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We Must Look

Behind the filth
Spreading before us,
Behind the squinting eyes
And the meek faces,
Beyond these hands
Opened or closed
Stretching out in vain
Or raised in fists,
Farther than borders
Made of barbed wire,
Farther than poverty
We must look.
We must look
At what's beautiful:
The sky, grey or blue-ish;
Girls at the water's edge;
A friend you know is loyal;
Tomorrow's sun;
A swallow's flight;
The ship which returns.
A friend you know is loyal;
Tomorrow's sun,
A swallow's flight,
The ship which returns.
Beyond the concert
Of sobs and tears
And cries of anger
From scared men,
Beyond the din
Of streets and worksites,
Of alarm sirens,
Of troopers swearing
Louder than children
Who tell stories of wars
And louder than the adults
Who made us wage them,
We must listen to
The bird in the depths of the woods,
The murmur of summer,
The blood rising inside you,
Mothers' lullabies,
Children's prayers,
And the sound of the earth
Falling sweetly asleep.
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Il nous faut regarder

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