Il pescatore (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
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The fisherman

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At the last sun shade
it was a sleepy fisherman
and had a groove along the face
as a sort of smile.
To the beach came a murderess
two large eyes as a child
two enormous eyes of fear
were the mirrors of an adventure.
lala lala lalalala la
And he asked the old man, "Give me the bread
I have little time and too much hunger "
and asked the old man, "Give me the wine
I'm thirsty and I am a murderess. "
The eyes opened to the old man to the day
did not even look around
but poured the wine and broke the bread
for those who said I'm hungry and thirsty.
lala lala lalalala la
It was the heat of a moment
then out again into the wind
then off again towards the sun
back behind a fisherman.
Back behind a fisherman
and the memory is already suffering
is already the regret of an April
played in the shade of a courtyard.
lala lala lalalala la
Two policemen came in the saddle
were riding with their arms
asked the old man nearby
had been a murderess.
But the last sun shade
the fisherman had fallen asleep
and had a groove along the face
as a kind of smile
and had a groove along the face
as a sort of smile.
lala lala lalalala la
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Il pescatore

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