Mina - Il povero e il re (English translation)

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The Poor Man And The King

I hear your voice
In this town
The soul heats up
Almost inexistent
It fades away in a moment
A picture of serenity
It's just a sound
But for me, this is music
A masterpiece of simplicity
Lights turn off
Over this city
Diversity fades away
And there are only shadows
Around me
I can't tell the poor man from the king
It's just a sound
But for me, this is music
Your voice
Amid this veiled reality
It's just a fire
That will light up the world and you as well
You'll know how to tell
The poor men from the king
Now I touch your voice
In this town
I have you inside my soul
A burning shiver
A whisper in this moment
You are here now
Translation done by Alma Barroca. In case you want to reprint it, please ask for permission first and always cite my name as its author. /
Tradução feita por Alma Barroca. Caso você queira reutilizá-la, por favor peça por permissão antes e sempre cite meu nome como o do autor.
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Il povero e il re

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Alma Barroca    Sat, 30/12/2017 - 22:29

Grazie mille, Marco! Regular smile Tanti auguri di buon anno!

Hampsicora    Sat, 30/12/2017 - 23:05

Di niente, è una buona traduzione. Tanti auguri anche a te!