Il ritorno di Giuseppe (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Il ritorno di Giuseppe 4 translations
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Joseph’s Return

Since sunset, stars galore
are contending for the sky;
lights that are meticulous
in teaching you the night.
An evenly-paced donkey,
companion in your return,
beats the distance
as the day is dying.
In your eyes, the desert,
a stretch of sawdust,
minuscule fragments
of the toil of nature.
The men of the sand
have killers’ profiles,
locked inside the silence
of a borderless prison.
Smell of Jerusalem,
your hand strokes the shape
of a thin doll
carved in wood.
‟You’ll dress it, Mary,
you’ll go back to those games
you left when you were
just a few years old.”
And she flew in your arms
like a swallow,
and her fingers, like teardrops,
from your eyelashes to your throat,
they prompted on your face
which used to be unknown
the tenderness of a smile,
of an affection almost begged for.
And the astonishment in your eyes
rose from your hands
which, empty around her shoulders,
around her hips filled
with the clear shape
of a recent life,
of that secret that unveils
when the womb rises.
And to you, who were looking for the reason
of a deceit unexpressed by her face,
she proposed the anxious memory
among what was left of a huddled up dream.
  • 1. Joseph married the young Mary and left immediately afterwards.
    He is now returning to Jerusalem after four years, guided by the stars, and he’s bringing a wooden doll as a gift for his young wife.
    However, Mary is no longer a little girl; she is pregnant now, and greets Joseph almost begging him not to be angry about her condition. He is bewildered, and she recounts her dream to explain why she’s pregnant.
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Il ritorno di Giuseppe

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