Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni (إلى كل اللي بيحبوني) (English translation)


Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni (إلى كل اللي بيحبوني)

إلى كل اللي بيحبوني
انتو وحشتوني اوي وحشتوني
قعدتكوا الحلوة
و لياليكوا الحلوة
انتو الناس الحلوة
ده في عز انتو ما فارقتوني
فقلبي كأنكوا والله
ما سبتوني ولا حتى ثانية
وأنا مع ناس تانية
ومهما بلف الدنيا
يلا يلا
نغني ونسهر
يلا نعوض عمرنا
يلا تعالوا نعيش
طب يلا يلا
نغني ونفرح
دي الثانية اللي تعدي دي والله
بتروح متجيش
يلا يلا
وحشتوني والله والله
وعايزة احضنكم والله
لا متسيبونيش
ياما وانا فرحانة
فرحتولي من قلبكو
وفي زعلي زعلتولي
وكلامكم ليا فادني واثرفيا
حضنكوا ده الحنية
احلى حاجة في الدنيا انتو
في القلب انتو يا غاليين سكنتوا
بتطبطوا عليا
وأنا لو يعني عليا
ايوة اديكوا عينيا
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English translation

To All the Ones Who Love me

To all the ones who love me:
I miss you so much, I miss you
I miss our sweet times together
and your sweet nights
You are such lovely people
Even when we were separated
I swear you were all still in my heart as if
you never left me for even a second
and even when I was with other people,
and no matter how much I went around the world
Let us, let us
sing and stay up
Let us make up for the lost times in our lives
Let us live
Well let us, let us
sing and be happy
I swear the moment that passes
never comes back
Let us, let us
I swear, I miss you
and I swear I want to embrace you
No, don't leave me
I miss you
I miss you
Many times when I was happy
You all were truly happy for me
And when I was sad you were sad for me
And your words helped me and had an impact on me
Your embrace is tenderness
You are the loveliest thing in the world
Oh precious ones, you reside in my heart
You are tender to me and cheer me up
And if it were up to me
I'd even give you my eyes1
  • 1. I.e: Anything for you
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