Ilex Paraguariensis (English translation)

  • Artist: Engenheiros do Hawaii
  • Song: Ilex Paraguariensis
  • Translations: English
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Ilex paraguariensis

Today I woke up earlier
Drank alone the chimarrão1
Searched for the night in my memory... I searched in vain
Today I woke up lighter (I didn't even read the newspaper)
Everything must be suspended... nothing must weigh down
I have lived through so many things, I have so much to live through
I am in the middle of the road and no defeat will beat me
Today I woke up free: I owe nothing to no one
Nothing restrains me
It was still night, I waited for morning to come
Like someone heating water without letting it boil
Today I woke up, now I know how to live in darkness
Until the flame lights up
Green... Hot... Herb... Abdomen... Inside... Bowels
Bitter mate, in the middle of night, strange road
They never took it easy on me, no (it's better this way)
I am not interested in making compromises (get out)
If they think I have cold and empty hands (it's better this way)
If they think my hands are bound (surprise)
Hands and heart, free and hot: chimarrão and lightness
Hands and heart, free and hot: chimarrão and lightness
...Ilex paraguariensis...
...Ilex paraguariensis...
  • 1. Traditional drink in Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil (as well as other Southern Cone countries). The drink is made with Mate herbs, which have the scientific name Ilex paraguariensis. 🧉
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Ilex Paraguariensis

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