I'm crossing my fingers!

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I'm crossing my fingers! (English) — To wish for good luck

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Translations of "I'm crossing my fingers!"

GermanIch drücke dir die Daumen

"I'm crossing my fingers!" in lyrics

I'd take one for you

I've got my hands in my pockets
And I'm crossing my fingers
I just want to be noticed
I just want to be noticed

Kings of Leon - Temple

and I hope you are too,
I'm imagining you now emerging that rather short night,
your light steps on the bare concrete.
I'm crossing my fingers you feel the same,
in a rather second rate condition.
and that you're staring dreamy at the rails in the distance,

Fauve ≠ - Letter to Zoe

where letters fall behind

Come soon
I'm crossing my fingers and toes
hoping it's you i'll hold
when these miles wither away

Boat To Row - Old Scenes