MC Solaar - Inch'allah (English translation)

English translation

Inch'Allah (If God Wishes It So)

Everythings begins at the airport,
Reception of girl who wanted a change of scenery
At first he was showing a long face,
But he got all excited when he glanced at her body
Who knows ? Window-shopping, at the mall of Bel Epine
He's sweating like hell everytime she calls him "darling"
Beautiful! She's beautiful, she's fit, and Italy
Called her Bella
Bellissima Belladonna
Her mama called her Donna
Then in the living-room he wants to get his freak on
But his girlfriend arrives, her eyes like dum-dum bullets
He stu-stutters and says : "baby, don't know who that is !"
A liar is never believed even when he speaks the truth.
But what did she do,
tell me what did she do ? x2
What, you don't know ? (No, I don't)
Well it's simple, she sang this :
Put your hands up, and dance with me
In jeans, shorts or Djellabah
As they say over there,*
Baby, Inch'Allah !
Baby, listen to this!
Second story, taking place at night
Subway station : Liberté, and look at the sidewalk
The guy sees the chick, on her head she's got the bandana
Worn by Puerto Ricans during the summer '83
"What do you do for a living ?"
She answer "I'm a call girl.
I collect euros with my pretty face
I'm here for the pretty boys that don't want to be alone,
this is how I live in this urban jungle."
He says "I ain't got money, but quit your job
I love your eyes, you better be careful
Give me your hand I'll lead you to the mayor
When you say 'I do', friends will throw some rice"
the Pin-Up gets up, and speaks briefly
To the guy she screams : "You mus' be kiddin'" and puts on lipstick
"I'd be happy to live with you... because you love me and that's the way it is."
When I look at what's happening around me
I see that hatred goes away when love comes along.
I wish war gave way to peace
And Pacifists replaced warriors
That love was hurled in headquarters
That the law of the strongest was forbidden
Criminal court for sectarians
Cause [in the name of the] Son of God our Father, we're all brothers.
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Author's comments:

*là-bas: over there. Of course the singer means the "Bled". North-African countries where they actually say "Inch'Allah" very commonly.

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