Salvatore Adamo - Inch'Allah (English translation)

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I saw the East in its jewel case
The moon was its banner
And in four lines, I wanted
To sing its light to the whole world
But when I saw Jerusalem
Such as a poppy on a boulder
I heard a requiem
As I bent over it
Can't you see, o modest chapel
Which whispers, "Peace on Earth"
That birds are hiding behind their wings
Those fiery letters saying, "Caution: borderlines"?
That path leads to the fountain
You wish you could fill up your bucket
But stop, Mary Magdalene
To them, your body isn't worth water
Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah
The olive tree is grieving his shadow
His dear spouse, his friend
Who are resting under the ruins
As prisoners behind enemy lines
Perching on a barbed wire's thorn
The butterfly is seeing the rose
People are so brainless
That they'll reject me, if I dare...
God of Hell or god of Heaven
You who are wherever you like
On this land of Israel
Children are shivering
Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah
Women are falling under the hurricane
Tomorrow, the blood will already be washed away
That road is made of courage
Whose every single slab is a woman*
Yes, I did see Jerusalem
Such as a poppy on a boulder
I still hear this requiem
When I bend over it
Requiem for six million souls
Who don't have their own marble mausoleum
And who in spite of the unwelcoming sand
Have grown six million trees
Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah, Insh'Allah
Feel to point out errors or suggest improvements in any of my translations.
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Author's comments:

* A French song wouldn't be a French song without at least one incomprehensible line "(^_^), so that is a guess. The literal meaning is "a woman for a cobblestone".

I don't claim I did the best possible translation and I'm very open to any suggestion.



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