Indian summer

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Indian summer (English) — a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.
a period of happiness or success occurring late in life.

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Translations of "Indian summer"

FrenchL'été indien
HungarianVénasszonyok nyara
ItalianEstate di San Martino
PolishBabie lato
Polish #1, #2
RussianБабье лето
Russian #1, #2
SerbianБабље лето
SerbianMiholjsko leto

"Indian summer" in lyrics

We will be going, where you want to go whenever you want to
We will be loving each other still even when love will be dead
And all of life will be like the shades of the Indian Summer

Joe Dassin - Indian Summer

Let us take the moon, and stay here
Let us take the moon, and stay here
Let us take the moon, and stay here
Let us take the moon, and stay here

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer

चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे
चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे
चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे
चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer

We will go wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like
And we will still love each other, when love will have died
Our whole life will be the same as this morning
With the colours of Indian summer.

Joe Dassin - Indian Summer

We will go wherever you want , whenever you want
And we will still love each other when love is dead
Our whole life will be the same as this morning
In the colors of the Indian summer

Joe Dassin - The Indian summer

together but lonely,
we're two strangers...

<em>From an indian summer day
or from "the sheltering sky" movie
there're scenes in my mind,too.

Teoman - Two Strangers

All the life will be the same as this morning

With indian summer's colours


Joe Dassin - The Indian Summer

Oh I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes

You're like an Indian summer
In the middle of winter
Like a hard candy

Katy Perry - Thinking of You

i miss you, (i miss) the fantasy
i miss- the cinema, (i miss) the indian summer

i need you, a thrill

Baustelle - Piangi Roma

You know, I've never been as happy as I was that morning.
We were walking along the beach a little like this one.
It was that rare kind of autumn day you only find in North America.
Over there, they call it Indian summer, but it was just "our summer".
And I can see you now in your long dress,
Looking like a beautiful watercolor.

Joe Dassin - Indian summer

Oh, try and mimic what's insane...ooh, yeah...
I am in it...where do I stand?
Oh, Indian summer and I hate the heat
I got a backstreet lover on the passenger seat
I got my hand in my pocket, so determined, discreet...I pray...

Pearl Jam - Once

That I meet in the summer
Indian summer
That I meet in the summer
Indian summer
I love you, the best
Better than all the rest

The Doors - Indian Summer

Well alright.

It was a cold September,
Before the Indian summer,
That's the thing I remember,
When she gave me her number,

Stereophonics - indian summer

In the ocean cuts ring deep, the sky.
Like there, I don't know why.
In the forest there's a clearing
I run there towards the light.
Sky, it's a blue sky.

U2 - Indian Summer Sky

After half past noon she had
a piano lesson
and then she was measuring the town with her step
and by the way she was looking at the shopwindows
excuse me! her reflection in them

Đorđe Balašević - st.Mihael's summer (Indian summer)

Touched the rugged hills with smoothness,

Brought the tender Indian Summer

To the melancholy north-land,

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - The Song of Hiawatha

Only it, likely, destiny.
To wait all life from you for news.
Also will be already never
To me is warmer Indian summer...


Yuriy Cherkashin - autumn

See the beauty in the world
In a clear vermilion sky
One day feels like indian summer
Lose the beauty of the world
So in common with the dying

Vanden Plas - Fireroses Dance

I know with whom earth will turn around,
and every day is like a shadow in a desert.
I enjoy, I enjoy so much watching into your eyes,
They hide their frisky gene.

The road curls and disappears behind you,

HEX - Indian Summer

You found me in this fallow state, my mind was off and stowed
I heard your strange commotion and wished I could go home
To live a little longer
A full Indian summer
Long enough to carve you into stone

Bright Eyes - Triple Spiral

We'll go where you want, when you want
And we'll be in love again, even when the love is dead
The whole life will be like this morning
In the colors of an Indian summer

Joe Dassin - Indian Summer

Waltzing the field mouse on bare now, misty meadows

Concert, concert, concert, autumnal for two crickets and wind in chimney
Concert, with Indian summer will fly away...

Gone's smell of harvest long ago

Magda Umer - Autumn Concerto for Two Crickets

just kickin' back parked
against a perfectly blue sky
on a morning beatific
in its Indian summer breeze
on the day that America
fell to its knees

Ani DiFranco - Self Evident

yes, another way
another way to pray

Indian summer
Fresh mown grass
Can you Mr Bush

Tori Amos - indian summer

I fell in love with you here in the Fall,
Yellow leaves then did fall from the trees.
The Indian summer ensued in sweet dreams,
And my love there did blossom.
And there my love, and there my love,

Ukrainian Folk - Beloved

Who's got the heart of a hunter
Pounding like thunder
Prowling the night
Hot like an Indian summer
Beat of a drummer coming alive

Jem And The Holograms - Youngblood

I like you the best
Better than all the rest
That I met in the summer
Indian summer

Karen O - Indian Summer

so handsome and so tall
And that’s why
I’m in the mood for this October
I found an Indian summer man

You can talk about Maytime

Julie London - This October

Snowfall, snowfall, don't you fall on my tresses
Don't you knock on my door, don't circle near my gate
Snowfall, snowfall, if a woman asks
Don't hurry to rush her Indian summer
Don't hurry to rush, don't hurry to rush

Nani Bregvadze - Snowfall

Weißt Du noch wie es war voriges Jahr im Septemberwind?
Nie war ich so glücklich wie an diesem Morgen am Strand.
Es war Herbst, und hier im alten Indianerland nennt man das "Indian Summer".
Und Du mit Deiner sonnenbraunen Haut in Deinem weißen Kleid
sahst aus wie ein Aquarell von Marie Laurencin.

Joe Dassin - Septemberwind

I trample the lawn of bald prairies where the Indian summer basks
I am a Venetian echo in the scrub-land of the cut grass

I line up, I guess on the way by the wild wheat what the weather will be like
Me in the alcove of my cart, far from you i fear nothing

L (Raphaële Lannadère) - I accelerate

We felt good, so good.
Salty sea and massage gloves.
We knew well, very well
how to enjoy Indian Summer.
Time just flew by us, too bad
we didn't notice the gathering clouds.

Coralie Clément - We felt good

We wandelden op een strand dat leek op dit
Het was herfst, een warme herfst
Een seizoen dat alleen in Noord-Amerika bestaat
Daar noemen ze zo’n nazomer een “Indian Summer
Maar het was gewoon onze zomer
Met je lange jurk leek je op een aquarel van Marie Laurencin

Joe Dassin - Een mooie nazomer

I lack you, fantasy,
the movies, the Indian summer,

I need you, a thrill,

Baustelle - Cry, you Rome