Giorgia - Inevitabile (English translation)

English translation


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What is love, anyway? Give me a definition
A chemical formula, or is it a physical attraction?
When you fall in love, it's a crossroads of emotions
It's inevitable; there are no explanations and it's not very clear, even to me.
They say that when love is lit, it's the hottest thing you'll ever come across. It's inevitable and it's happening to me, too.
They say when love takes everything from you, you won't care because you knew very well all along that it's inevitable and it's happenned to me as it has to you.
It's inevitable. Even if you close yourself off, hiding from it is useless; it'll sneak up on you sooner or later. Sooner or later.
That's love: it makes you change every last part of yourself, ending on the inside. It's inevitable and it's happening to me just as it is to you.
That's love: it damns you and pushes you outside of yourself. Experiencing it fully is inevitable. And it's happened to me, like it has to you.
And there's nothing (about love) you need to understand; it's a simple requirement and maybe that's the answer right there. If you then choose to die, without otherwise resisting, it's because deep inside, it's what you want.
[Chorus repeats]
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