Irina - Inhimillinen virhe (English translation)

English translation

Humane mistake

Where is it determined
How much must everyone tolerate
One obtains the right to
Hurt and the second one must understand
They claim that sometimes I remind about you
I wouldn't like to let that happen
More that too much I've done
to prevent to be transformed into you
Too much was pronounced out loud
From the shadow of perfection
From arised
Strategical mistake
Which one was so humane
which broke down high wishes
you build new base
In the ideal world
It could have been possible
To live like you want
But would have it been smart
when we remember that in principle
your own decisions weren't good as gold
not many of them you already did
even if you knew the better way
More than useless
Honestly, who cares?
You missed a lot, can you fix it?
You were able to leave everything easily
How much do you remember? What do you remember?
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Inhimillinen virhe

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