Insomnium - Where The Last Wave Broke

  • Artist: Insomnium
  • Album: Across the Dark (2009)
  • Translations: Greek

Where The Last Wave Broke

How does it feel?
To welcome the new day
Not worth saving
To fall down on own imprudent acts
The wind answers quietly
Clears the black smoke far thick to see
Unfolds the true nature of man
"And this fire it burns
Consuming us all
Withered garden for posterity
Inheritance in flames"
"When the mankind moves
Rest of the life shakes
All once green turned into stone
Flesh into dust and soil
Where the last wave broke
The shores blazed red
And place once called home
Turned into hall of dead"
How does it feel?
Bite the hand that feeds you
Poison the well that waters you
Prospects made from castles of sand
Legacy in barren land
Breed, greed, bleed
Legacy in barren land
The last wave broke
Prospects made from castles of sand
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