Rubén Olivera - Interiores (English translation)

English translation


Gypsum watermelons on the table,
a thousand little dishes cover the wall,
a Saint George keeping the sleep
and Gardel smiles by his side.
The wind come sin, it plays with the crystals
if they let the inner door open,
and it leaks in the rooms, removes,
secret smells: cologne and laurel.
White jazmines were blooming
its clear mistery to the moonlight.
White jazmines were blooming
and a bouquet would come to each of us.
January moons were blooming
and the street Fray bentos smelled like jazmin,
sounding wood on the radio
Isolina Núñez1 was talking about love.
The rosary was hanging from the bed,
a geranium in the pot with land
and in the trunk of a little elephant
a banknote was forever left.
From afar the steps were heard
if someone is running through the dining room,
where sometimes the glazier trembles
with their cups of strange colour.
And in the yards I read stories
of magic lands with rare splendour
and maybe I didn't know that at home
the magic was circling waiting for a singer
  • 1. Uruguayan radio host and actress
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