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I invite you to the indecence
of this nearly Argentine tango
where I will be acquainted
with your body against mine ;
where you will discover
this exotic conversation.
When music is offered,
know it: it must be followed.
Step into my tango
and I will dance you
with half closed lids.
Lost, among reflections
of the music that carries us away...
As the violins
tell about their sorrow.
Our fingers intertwined
as the petals of a flower
will convince you that I am yours
and you are close to my heart...
I will tell you in Spanish
the loving words I know
and we will see who loses his head
first under the influence of...
I say "tu" to you, we are old enough
to say "tu" to each other even if we're not acquainted.
And since the tango compels you
to recognize me forever...
We might as well not fuss about it
and start kissing each other
since they dimmed the lights
to spare us the embarassment...
Step into my love,
I wil argentinize1 you
till dawn breaks
To show you the country you like.
The tango alone is to blame...
for this beautiful, unforgettable trip.
They ask weird questions ;
don't even listen to them.
They would do anything
to make me miss my step...
From this sexy rhythm,
what will remain ?
I know where the tango begins,
where will it end in this tale...
of this nearly argentine tango?
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Author's comments:

"invitango" is an invented word, something like "invitation to a tango".



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Brigitte Bardot: Top 3
barsiscevbarsiscev    Sun, 21/04/2013 - 14:17

только что её ББ вспомнили, из-за коктейля
"ББ" = красное вино + водка.
название основано на популярности ББ в СССР,
и созвучия её фамилии с названием красного вида "бордо".
произносится ближе к "бАрдо", и даже тёмно-красный цвет
называется "бордовый".

barsiscevbarsiscev    Sun, 21/04/2013 - 14:36

прикольно, насчёт "лошака".
коктейль ББ - это чисто наше, русское.

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