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Io camminerò (English translation)

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I'll walk

My woman, her happiness
That warms me up with the fire of an idea
A lonely man, half a man
In her eyes, tomorrow, everything will drown
And we are waterfalls of love
The mists of the past will never pollute us again
Now I feel you're mine
You've already left it with contempt and poetry.
Your steps, white gypsies
For how long is your soul silent?
I'll dress you up with love
I'll take you somewhere where you don't have to tremble.
I'll walk, you'll follow me
There will be a sky, we are angels
I'll work, you'll wait up for me
And one evening I'll go crazy when you'll tell me
That you'll have a boy, I'll have a boy...
Untie the doubts and your hair
Because you're so beautiful when you don't know what you want
I'll dress you up with love
But don't ask me where I'll take you.
I'll walk
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Io camminerò

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CoopysnoopyCoopysnoopy    Tue, 12/07/2016 - 08:09

Please adapt your translation to the corrected original lyrics.

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