Io sono uno (English translation)

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I Am Someone

I am someone
who speaks too little, that is true—
but, in the world, there are already many people
who talk, talk, talk constantly—
who claim to need to make themselves heard—
and who have nothing to say.
I am someone
who smiles seldom, that is true—
but there already are so many
who constantly laugh and smile
but then they never tell you
what they are thinking.
I am someone
who refuses to say just which woman is mine, that is true—
because I do not admire people
who first beg for a bit of love
and then, as soon as they get it,
announce it to the world.
I am someone
who does not hide his ideas, that is true—
because I do not like those
who want to get along with everyone
and who change their tune whenever necessary
to make a living.
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Io sono uno

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