一本刀土俵入り (Ippongatana dohyōiri) (English translation)


千両万両 積んだとて
銭(ぜに)じゃ買えない 人ごころ
受けた情の 数々に
上州子鴉 泣いて居ります
泣いて居ります この通り
野暮な浮世の うら表
教えこまれて 一昔
夢でござんす なにもかも
角力(すもう)修業も 今じゃ日蔭の
今じゃ日蔭の 三度笠
後はあっしが 引受けました。
さァ、早く 早く 行きなさいまし。
親子三人、何時までも 仲良く御暮しなさんせ。
十年前に 櫛、笄、巾着ぐるみ、
意見を貰った 姐はんへ、
しがねぇ姿の 土俵入りでござんす。」
御恩返しの 真似ごとは
取手(とって)宿場の 仁義沙汰
御覧下され お蔦さん
せめて茂兵衛の 花の手数(でず)入り
花の手数入り 土俵入り
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The entrance ceremony with swords

Even if they collect thousands of coins
Money can't buy a human heart
The sympathy I received was plenty
The Jōshū ravens cry
They cry on this road
It's the first time I meet
With such a good young lady
Yes, yes, surely you are.
The young lady sees me like a great champion
Then, before the grave of my mother
I want to do the stylish entrance ceremony
On both sides of this sad foolish world
The ages have given me the idea
Everything exists in dreams
Who trained to be a sumo wrestler
Now wears a hat of shadows
I didn't become a sumo wrestler but a gangster
In the case you ask about me.
Young lady, I wish you come soon
To give you this money. It's the chance to hurry.
After I undertook to do it.
Please come soon.
Ah, hi, Otsutasan
Since when you live with a husband and a child?
Ten years ago you were a prostitute with come and hairpins
At least the lady who gave me her opinion
Will see me doing a ceremony entrance
Of a Komagata-born worthless
The make believe of a repayment
Is a duty command in Toride
Please accept it, Otsutasan
At least is Mohei's champion display
The entrance ceremony of a champion

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