Ira Stanphill - It's Jesus and Me


It's Jesus and Me

I traveled alone upon this lonesome way,
My burdens were heavy and dark was my day.
I looked for a friend not knowing that He
Had all of this time been looking for me.
Now it is Jesus and me for each tomorrow;
For every heartache, and every sorrow.
I know that I can depend upon my newfound friend.
And so till the end, it’s Jesus and me.
The road may be long to heaven’s pearly gate,
I know that it’s narrow; I know that it’s straight.
But Jesus is there through eternity,
We’ll travel along, just Jesus and me.
Forever I’ll sing of his great love for me,
Forever I’ll tell it on land and on sea.
I’ll stay by his side, contented I’ll be.
For all of my life it’s Jesus and me.
Submitted by Pastor Juan G on Mon, 08/07/2013 - 16:58
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