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This is the Army, Mister Jones lyrics

  • Artist: Irving Berlin (Israel Isidore Baline (Beilin) (Belarusian: Ізраіль Бэйлін, Russian: Израиль Бейлин))
  • Translations: Russian

This is the Army, Mister Jones

A bunch of frightened rookies were list'ning filled with awe,
They listened while a sergeant was laying down the law,
They stood there at attention, their faces turning red,
The sergeant looked them over and this is what he said:
This is the Army, Mister Jones,
No private rooms or telephones,
You have your breakfast in bed before —
But you won't have it there anymore.
This is the Army, Mister Green,
We like the barracks nice and clean,
You had a housemade to clean your floor —
But she won't help you out anymore.
Do what the buglers command —
They're in the Army and not in a band!
This is the Army, Mister Brown,
You and your baby went to town,
She had you worried but this is war —
And she won't worry you anymore!
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