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石狩挽歌 (Ishikari Banka) (English translation)


海猫が鳴くから ニシンが来ると
赤い筒袖の やん衆がさわぐ
雪に埋もれた 番屋の隅で
わたしゃ夜通し 飯を炊く
あれからニシンは どこへ行ったやら
破れた網は 問い刺し網か
今じゃ浜辺で オンボロロ
沖を通るは 笠戸丸
わたしゃ涙で ニシン曇りの 空を見る
燃えろ篝火 朝里の浜に
海は銀色 ニシンの色よ
ソーラン節に 頬そめながら
わたしゃ大漁の 網を曵く
あれからニシンは どこへ行ったやら
オタモイ岬の ニシン御殿も
今じゃさびれて オンボロロ
かわらぬものは 古代文字
わたしゃ涙で 娘ざかりの 夢を見る
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Elegy of Ishikari

"When the gulls shriek like that, a school of herrings are coming"
Shout the young fishermen in red-sleeved clothes
In the corner of the fishermen’s inn buried in the snow
I cooked the rice all through the night
Where have those herrings gone now?
The nets in tatters lying on the beach
Are they gill nets?
Kasato-Maru passes by off the coast
With tears in my eyes I look up at the cloudy sky
in the color of herring
Flare up bonfire on the beach of Asari
The sea is in silver color, the color of herrings
Burning my cheeks with Soran song
I pull in the net to make a good catch.
Where have those herrings gone now?
The herring palace on the Otamoi cape
Is now deserted in ruins
What has not changed is the ancient script
With tears in my eyes I dream of myself
In the bloom of my youth
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Author's comments:

Ishikari is a name of the river in Hokkaidoo
Kasato-Maru is a name of a fish boat
Soran song is a folksong sung by fishermen in Hokkaidoo

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