Seka Aleksić - Iskoristi moje mane (English translation)

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Take advantage of my flaws (weaknesses)

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I have to stay sober
I have to because you never know
you might be the one with whom I'll cheat on him
I have to , although I know it's too late
and yes, you already understood
you are here to help me forget him
Take advantage of my flaws (weaknesses)
Take advantage of my flaws (weaknesses)
Tomorrow tell everyone
that you've never had one like this before
let them hear, let them find out
so that can be his punishment
for playing with me this way
let him hear, let him grieve.
Maybe those flaws are advantages
maybe they are valuable
maybe I am something special
a body that learns from pain
a face that is bothered by a smile
maybe that is exactly what you need
Take advantage of my flaws (weaknesses)
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Iskoristi moje mane

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