Palmashow - Ça m'vénère (English translation)

English translation

It pisses me off

Han, Maské and Maître Grims (hou yeah)
Back because we are coming back, and so on (ho ho)
There are too many things that upset me in this world
The unemployed without a job, the orphans without a father
Nothing's going right and nobody wants to admit it
And it pisses me off, tell them Maître
It pisses me off!
When I walk in the bathroom wearing my socks
And there's water everywhere, it happens every morning
I don't close very well my bath curtain with Indian pattern
Oh It pisses me off, yes it pisses me off!
Okay, all right, I understand but I wasn't thinking about that
More about the troubles of the young people, you know, stuff like that
All the school failures, the broken families
It pisses me off, tell them Maître, I can't breath anymore!
It pisses me off!
When my pinky toe hit the bed corner (okay)
When I order a cheesecake but there's no topping on it (all right)
When I iron my shirt and I make creases
Oh It pisses me off, yes it pisses me off!
You're right, but once again it's not what I wanted to say
Such as the homeless, roofless, who don't know where to sleep
These young people who sell drugs and become drug dealers
Come on bro I'm counting on you, this time tell them
It pisses me off!
When I'm driving and some unknown warning light starts flashing (no but I meant...)
When Evelyne Dhéliat1 says tomorrow will be foggy (shit...)
When I blow out the trick candles but they light up again
Oh It pisses me off, yes it pisses me off
When my earphones get tangled
When I have a Kinder Surprise but I don't know how to build the toy (it sucks)
When it's hot and there is steam on my glasses
Oh It pisses me off, yes it pisses me off
Listen, Grims, I agree but I will refocus the things
I will talk about the troubles of the rich and the poor and all these...
It pisses me off!
When I have a tape but I can't find the edge (no)
When someone puts an empty bottle in the fridge (who cares?)
When I go to Disneyland but I don't see Goofy
Oh It pisses me off, yes it pisses me off
When I'm doing a crossword puzzle but a word doesn't fit
When I hear the chorus of the song Bella
Oh well I'd forgotten but this song is mine
Oh I'm making myself angry, I think I'm making myself angry!
There're many things that pissed you off, Grims
Yeah I'm pissed off, very pissed off!
I can see that... And you're singing loud...
  • 1. She is a French weather presenter
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Submitted by Klou on Tue, 09/05/2017 - 11:22
Author's comments:

Parody of the song "J'me tire" of the singer Maître Gims.


Ça m'vénère

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petit élève    Tue, 09/05/2017 - 11:55

La seule chose de supportable dans le rap actuel (à de très rares exceptions près), c'est sa caricature, à mon avis. Et ça date pas d'hier !

Plus rien ne tourne rond -> "nothing's going right/smoothly anymore" ou "things are falling apart" pour éviter de trop copier le français

no sauce -> pour un gâteau, plutôt "topping", sinon les Anglais vont encore se dire qu'on bouffe n'importe quoi.

there's an indicator lamp I don't know -> "when some unknown warning light starts flashing" ou qq chose comme ça ?

tomorrow there's mist -> "tomorrow will be foggy" ou "there'll be fog tomorrow" plutôt ?

steam on my glasses -> je dirais plutôt "fog" mais "steam" doit passer aussi.

des grands et des tits-pe -> "of young and old alike" ou qq chose comme ça ? "the rich and the poor" ? "the high and the lowly" ?

the end of it -> plutôt "I can't find the edge" (pas besoin de "of it" à mon avis)

on s'en fout -> "who cares?"

Klou    Tue, 09/05/2017 - 12:19

Merci beaucoup.

Haha en effet 'sauce' n'était pas le choix le plus judicieux. Je croyais que la cuisine française était assez réputée pourtant :b

petit élève    Tue, 09/05/2017 - 12:26

Aujourd'hui Che Guevara n'est plus, mais le combat contre les lardons continue...