it rains cats and dogs

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it rains cats and dogs (English) — to rain very heavily

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Translations of "it rains cats and dogs"

CzechČerti se žení
EnglishIt's raining cats and dogs
FrenchIl pleut des cordes
FrenchIl pleut comme vache qui pisse
FrenchIl pleut à verse
FrenchIl pleut des hallebardes
Greekρίχνει καρεκλοπόδαρα
Hebrewיורד מבול
RomanianPloua cu găleata. Ploua abundent.

"it rains cats and dogs" in lyrics

what so ever your secret is, I will never expose it to anyone
stand up and keep your face cool, dust your knees and try to fly again

though it rains cats and dogs, if I'm with you, then I am glad to get soaked

I can hear your beats, it's like the hottest beats of hurricane(hurricane!)

B'z - After the hottest heart beatings

I'll take you back again

Cloudy weather, foggy weather
It rains cats and dogs
But some young private soldiers
Are drinking vodka and mead

Ukrainian Folk - Cloudy weather, foggy weather (Ой хмариться, туманиться)

On days when the sunlight scorches prickly
On days when it rains cats and dogs
On days when you're happy like a blowin' flag
On days when you're sad like a train leaving

Eotteonnal - 그런 날에는