Johnny Hallyday - Ça n'finira jamais (English translation)

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It Will Never End

It cannot end
No matter if I left
I will always stay for you
within earshot
You know it well
We've been sailing
together for so long
We've generously given
love to each other for so long
There's a good reason
It will never end
We will be travelling together again
I promise to you
I am only the total
of hands who tend each other
of hearts who wait
I am those who have loved me
My story looks like you
it can be read in your eyes
in those songs that look like us
around that fire no one can reach
that cannot end
there are too many memories
too many days, many nights
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Ça n'finira jamais

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Geheiligt    Thu, 27/04/2017 - 18:25


Et j'aurai beau partir > Even though I left/No matter if I left

Ça fait tellement longtemps que l'on navigue ensemble > We've been sailing together for so long
[It's been so long since we sailed together voudrait dire que cela fait longtemps depuis (la dernière fois) que l'on a navigué ensemble]

Tellement de temps qu'on s'est donné d'amour sans compter > We've generously given love to each other for so long

C'est pas pour rien > There's a good reason

I am only the sum of hands who tend each other > Faux. Laisse-moi y réfléchir. Sum est seulement pour les sommes d'argent. Peut-être que le mot "total" irait mieux.

Mon histoire te ressemble > My story looks like you

around that fire no-one can reach > none/no one

days, nights > too many days and nights

Carlooz Càzares    Fri, 28/04/2017 - 03:30

I was so lost in this song haha thanks I already edited it

Klou    Sun, 30/04/2017 - 10:23

For the second line of the third stanza
"Refaire la route" means something like "travelling together again" (the road is assimilated to a journey), it's not about building an actual road Regular smile