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    The Wounded World • The Great Depression

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The Wounded World lyrics

Brothers, sisters, young and old
we’re all to blame for the wounded world.
Jet black hearts and abandoned souls.
Lock us down in the catacombs,
singing songs of forgotten hope.
So raise your white flags up and let surrender eclipse the sun.
Will we never learn?
We’re pointing the finger that’s pulling the trigger.
And in case you haven’t heard
we’re all to blame for the wounded world.
Time ticks down to a tragic end;
turn it back ’til we’re great again.
Witch hunts cull the forever young.
We’re the hell that we’re running from.
Alright, listen,
I know this isn’t something you’re going to like to hear,
which is exactly why you need to hear this,
because we have failed our ancestors,
and the future inhabitants of the wounded world.
You can’t pull back the trigger and then point the same finger.


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