Fabri Fibra - In Italia (English translation)

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In Italy

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There are things that no one will tell ...
There are things that no one will give you ...
you were born and died here
you were born and died here
born in the country
of half-truths
where to escape?
machine guns in Italy
Machiavelli in Italy and foscolo
in Italy the world champions
are in Italy
in Italy made ​​a holiday by the sea
in Italy's best not to have surgery
do not go to the hospital in Italy
the good life in Italy
in Italy the great and the evening gala
in Italy doing business with the bad
Italy in the neighbor's shooting
in Italy ...
where to escape?
in Italy the real gangsters are
in Italy are the most dangerous
in Italy the girls in the street
in Italy eat homemade pasta
in Italy then you enter the thieves at home
in Italy you can not find steady work
in Italy, but kissing the crucifix
monuments in Italy
in Italy churches with paintings
People in Italy with the feelings
in Italy the country and kidnapping
in Italy ...
where to escape?
courted girls in Italy
women photographed in Italy
Italy held to ransom in the models
learn art in Italy
in Italy people read the papers
murderers ever discovered in Italy
designed in Italy and lost some votes
in Italy ...
where to escape ... (x2)
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In Italia

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