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Italian dream

We were used to dream of breaking through at all costs
Pretending to be stars (to be stars)
We were used to tell ourselves "one day we'll go into that place
And buy all we want to
In that street even in august (In august)
Instead now here we are (here we are)
In a Porsche car with a rolex as watch
And the keys to open every door in the city
This one I dedicate ti my parents, bad grown
On the sidewalk even in summer, to who "rides" this streets.
To my brother that sells drugs and gives the money to his mother.
Because his father since longtime is jailed in Bollate.
To whom keeps the lips glued to the store windows in Buenos Aires
And has the style of a leader, but... those sneakers? Too much expensive.
To whom crashes into parties or never gets inside
To whom has no women, sleepless, between Ron and eastern chicks at nightclub
I know what you feel when TV is showing you
Places you could never go to, women that you can't have
I know how you feel when they look strange at you in shops as you get in
"If you're not buying anything, then go out!
You're scaring clients"
I think to us that night made of weed.
In that parking in tge worst place of this italian dream
Deeaming to change life and now look at us
From that parking to Cayman Islands driving a Cayenne.
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Italian Dream

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