It's not rocket science

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It's not rocket science (English) — When someone overcomplicates, or has extreme difficulty with something they are making it rocket science.
If they are unable to complete a task that would be thought of a simple it would be said sarcastically that it is not rocket science. Someone unable to make change from a customer buying something might be making simple subtraction and addition into rocket science.
Rocket science is of course very complicated and detailed. It requires great effort.

English, explained by Ww Ww on Sun, 26/11/2017 - 23:05

It's not rocket science — Ei mitään rakettitiedettä

Finnish, explained by Emssme on Sat, 30/09/2017 - 10:17

It's not rocket science — Δεν είναι και επιστημονική φαντασία

Greek, explained by Guest on Sun, 03/12/2017 - 16:22

It's not rocket science — E' usato per esprimere quando si pensa che qualcosa non sia poi così difficile da fare o da capire. In italiano diremmo: "Non ci vuole una scienza"

Italian, explained by Claudia Rubei on Mon, 28/08/2017 - 11:17

It's not rocket science — Durumun o kadar zor, çözülmeyecek, içinden çıkılmayacak bir şey olmadığını belirtmek için kullanılır.
"Atla deve değil" de diyebiliriz.

Turkish, explained by socallmebella on Sun, 27/08/2017 - 12:46

Translations of "It's not rocket science"

Frenchc'est pas sorcier
ItalianNon ci vuole una scienza
ItalianNon ci vuole una laurea

"It's not rocket science" in lyrics

To avoid it and, facing the emptiness, we watch
The end of the movie once more
Which is only a movie in black and white, I erase it
It's not rocket science [fn]Literally: 'It's not like drinking the sea', meaning it's not that hard.[/fn]
My life is dying
There's only an hour left

Keren Ann - On The Edge

And if it's not rocket science
I would write my memoirs
In the hot sand of the water beyond
And if it's not rocket science
I would write my memoirs
In the hot sand of the water beyond

Nana Mouskouri - The Wave

And I don't want us to part
Who needs a broken heart
I want all this to work
It's not rocket science is it

Maybe we should

Lena (Meyer-Landrut) - A Million And One

Come in, my brigand,
Sleep inside.
Oh yeah
It's not rocket science,
Come and try it,
I'll make you dance.

Zizi Jeanmaire - My thing made of feathers

I'm not too old yet, so just go ahead
Giving head while we drive the sled
It's not rocket science, just ignore the glitches
I've got ninety-nine problems and they're all biii–

Bonaparte - Bonahula