C'est fini (English translation)

English translation

It's over

I can't detach my eyes of your face
And I can't stop thinking about tomorrow
Which is already heralding like a terrible storm
that will wash our laghters
In the water of my sorrows
My heart is torn
And cannot understand
that every word you are saying means "goodbye"
I look without seeing
I listen without hearing
Grief catches me standing up silently
I am dreaming about the past
While the present is taking you away
And nothing has left for me
but shaking your hands
I would like to keep them
But our love is dead
Two steps from my heart
You are already far away
It's over, over, over, over, over, over, over
How can a happiness
Which held so much space
And gave so much joy
Disappear forever
Erasing from your life
Even the traces
of the smallest memory
That love has made for us
I do not know how to react
And I do not know what to say
I want to look strong
In the last time
With tears in the corner of the eyes
I force myself to smile
With a forced smile
Which does not deceive you
Too coward to die
Although too afraid to live
I'm counting on forgetting
to find peace of mind
I'll have to get used to it
In the following years
To the days without your voice
To the night without your skin
It's over, over, over, over, over, over, over
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C'est fini

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