It's raining cats and dogs

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It's raining cats and dogs (English) — It's raining very hard.

A huge thunderstorm blew in and then it was raining cats and dogs for like two hours!

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I always wondered: why "cats and dogs"? :) - Alexander Laskavtsev 2 months ago

the origin of the idiom is disputed, but one of the most common explanation is that in earlier times in the countryside cats and dogs would sun themselves on the roofs of houses. Then when a heavy rain would start, the animals would jump down of the roof avoid getting wet, thus people looking out the windows would see a rain of cats and dogs!

again the origin isn't really known though :)

- N1ng3n 2 months ago

It's raining cats and dogs — Ρίχνει καρεκλοπόδαρα

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Translations of "It's raining cats and dogs"

CzechČerti se žení
Englishit rains cats and dogs
FrenchIl pleut des cordes
FrenchIl pleut comme vache qui pisse
FrenchIl pleut à verse
FrenchIl pleut des hallebardes
Greekρίχνει καρεκλοπόδαρα
RomanianPloua cu găleata. Ploua abundent.

"It's raining cats and dogs" in lyrics

It does not only rain during the rain season
It’s raining cats and dogs
How do you imagine the weather to be in Caracas
Life in the tropics is a lot more colorful

2raumwohnung - Nimm mich mit

It's monday morning 7 o'clock - the start of a new day.
Gettin' up, gettin' dressed, eye circles to the chin.
But something's different, why am I in a good mood?
It's raining cats and dogs and I am stuck in traffic for hours!


Kraftklub - All Because of You

The rain of today washed away the dreams where we were together

And we are not together
And it's raining cats and dogs
We broke up
And the rain has ruined our home.

Stas Piekha - We broke up

Midnight shows up[fn]I could not find the argotic meaning of "décrocher" here[/fn] in the sobbing wind.
Everything seems dark in the huge sleeping Paris
It's cold and it's pouring,
enough to make a dog howl[fn]"un temps à ne pas mettre un chien/chat dehors" is a very common expression akin to "it's raining cats and dogs". The idea is that the weather is so terrible you would feel bad to put your dog/cat out into it[/fn]

Now here comes a mongrel up there

Édith Piaf - The broad and the mongrel

For all our dreams
All our dreams

It's raining cats and dogs
Soaked from top to toe
We walk through a puddle

Die Toten Hosen - Below the clouds

The amused man from the dune
watches the ferry die

Ropes are falling from the sky[fn]The "il tombe des cordes" ("ropes are falling") idiom means "it's raining cats and dogs" but the "ropes" are rather heavily reused in the next line pun[/fn]
should we climb them or hang ourselves with them?
On the Coast Concorde's deck

Feu! Chatterton - Concord coast

So much pain in my heart
So much pain on my mind
Don't know what to do anymore
I try to find you, even if it's raining cats and dogs
Even if l want to breath again like crazy

Sequoia - Where's My Home?

And every evening when there's thunder and lightning outside
I look at a sheet of paper and it's suddenly summer again
And every evening when it's raining cats and dogs outside
I look at a sheet of paper and realize how beautiful my life is

Tagtraeumer - Memories

If it's always once upon a time in New York City
Why does nightfall leave you feeling so alone
How could any one stay starry-eyed
When it's raining cats and dogs outside
And the rain has said "now you're on your own"

Oliver and Company (OST) - Once Upon A Time In New York City

Don't write to me, deceive yourself
I'm the wrong one to you
here it's raining cats and dogs
from day to day

Alen Islamović - Alcatraz

When it's raining cats and dogs
When it's raining cats and dogs
When it's raining cats and dogs
When it's raining cats and dogs

P.M. Dawn - When It's Raining Cats And Dogs