Iu nji iarai fiata (English translation)


Iu nji iarai fiata

- Iu nji earai... iu nji earai feată pân tora?
Io iuva... io iuva nu nji ti am vidzutâ.
Mash nă oa... mash nă oară nji ti am vidzutâ.
Di iu ts'yineai... di iu ts'yineai di armash di armash?
Cu ună di... cu ună distimelji arcată,
Distime... distimeljia di la dada.
- Cari su a... cari su aflâ s'nji-u pitriacă,
Cu un lai dzio... cu un lai dzione isusitu.
Cu un lai dzio... cu un lai dzione isusitu,
Isusi... isusitu shi ni-nsuratu.
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Where Were You

- Where were... where were you, girl, for such a long time?
Cuz I... I couldn't find you anywhere.
I saw you... i saw you one time.
Frm where... from where were you coming so upset?1
With a handkerchief... you threw it away,
The handkerchief... my mother's handkerchief.
- If someone... if someone finds it, they should bring it to me,
Together with... together with a poor engaged lad.
With a poor... with a poor engaged lad,
Engaged... engaged but not married.
  • 1. Not sure of this verse, could mean something else but i think the meaning is close enough. She came from somewhere in a specific way. Be it upset, or nicely dressed or any other way.
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