Eviatar Banai - Yesh Li Siku | יש לי סיכוי (English translation)

English translation

I've got a chance

I’ve got a chance to be saved, I know
I’ll be able to wake up and sober up
I will be able to talk with love
about myself and about the city and about a woman
Already now I’m less angry
And a quiet wave of emotion bursts
A mother sings to her son at night:
Mother’s here with you all the time
I feel that something’s changing
The tiredness will pass and the light will rise
And then I’ll know you, my darling
And right away you’ll know me too
I’ve always been afraid of going crazy
of my heart freezing and becoming empty
but now as I sit
I’ve got a chance to be saved, I think
Submitted by Orit Shahar on Fri, 21/04/2017 - 19:07
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Yesh Li Siku | יש לי סיכוי

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