Jääkärimarssi (English translation)



Syvä iskumme on, viha voittamaton,
meil' armoa ei kotimaata.
Koko onnemme kalpamme kärjessä on,
ei rintamme heltyä saata.
Sotahuutomme hurmaten maalle soi,
mi katkovi kahleitansa.
ei ennen uhmamme uupua voi,
kuin vapaa on Suomen kansa::
Kun painuvi päät muun kansan, maan,
me jääkärit uskoimme yhä.
Oli rinnassa yö, tuhat tuskaa,
vaan yks' aatos ylpeä, pyhä:
Me nousemme kostona Kullervon,
soma on sodan kohtalot koittaa.
Satu uusi nyt Suomesta syntyvä on,
se kasvaa, se ryntää, se voittaa::
Häme, Karjala, Vienan rannat ja maa,
yks' suuri on Suomen valta.
Sen aatetta ei väkivoimat saa
pois Pohjolan taivaan alta.
Sen leijonalippua jääkärien
käsivarret jäntevät kantaa.
Yli pauhun kenttien hurmeisten
päin nousevan Suomen rantaa::
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English translation

The Jaeger March

Versions: #1#2
Our strike is deep, unbeatable hate,
we don't show mercy, we don't have a homeland.
All of our happiness is at the tip of our swords,
our hearts can not soften.
Our war cry is meant to the honor of the land
that is cutting off it's chains.
::our defiance will not become tired untill
the people of Finland are free::
When the rest of the people and the land hang their heads
we Jaegers still believe.
In our chest we had the night, a thousand pains,
but only one proud, holy thought:
We will rise like the revenge of Kullervo[1],
it's seet to try the faith of war.
::A new tale will be born now in Finland,
it grows, it rushes, it will win::
Tavastia, Karelia, the strand of Dvina and the land,
there's only one, great Finland.
It's ideolody can not by force be taken
away from under the Northern sky.
It's lionflag is carried by
the strong arms of the Jaegers.
::Over the roaring, bloody battlefields
to the rising shore of Finland::
Submitted by samtamtam on Fri, 23/05/2014 - 09:36
Author's comments:

[1]Kullervo, son of Kalervo is one of the main characters in Finnish mythology. His uncle Untamo killed his family and took him as a slave when he was a boy. Once grown up he looses his temper when the bread Untamo's wife had baked to him had a stone in it. He goes berserk and summons the bears to fight with him and butchers the whole clan of Untamo.

As you might have noticed, this song was written when Finland was under the Russian rule. It wasn't as dramatic as this song makes it out to be, but still... it's very patriotic song, typical for that time.

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