Peret - Jalamandrú (English translation)

English translation


Water, the water makes me fat
Water, the water makes me fat
Oh doctor, my doctor
Water makes me fat, I eat nothing.
I'm not lying doctor, the water makes me fat,
I eat little and not as a vicce
If a week has seven days,
Each day I get sick, I get sick, I get sick of sacrifices.
On mondays I only put sacarine
To the milk I drink with the bread rolls,
On tuesdays I sample among the foods, how I sample,
For being less hungry when I eat.
On wednesdays I refuse to eat churros,
And the poor, but delicious chocolate, must be widowed
On thursdays I cook pork feet
But watch out with spreading bread.
Oh! Piggish, who everyday costs you less
Piggish, to fall into temptation
Piggish, and everyday costs you more
Piggish, to fasten your belt. Piggish
Oh! Piggish don't you worry
Piggish, about not losing weight
Piggish, I won't stop loving you
Piggish, even if you want to fool me. Piggish
Water, the water makes me fat
Oh doctor, water makes me fat
Water, the water makes me fat
How it puts me, how it puts me
Water, the water makes me fat
I'll drink wine to not get fat
Water, the water makes me fat
On fridays on the dinner there's one single dish
The eggs with the chicken and the potatoes
On saturdays, rigurous diet,
Diet breads, three boxes.
On sundays, they told me it loses weight
I try to bite slowly
but I bite so slow that the sunday
I spend it without going out, just eating.
Piggish, I love you more everyday
Piggish, and I can't help it
Piggish, I believe you less everyday
Piggish, I know you eat hidden. You Piggish
Piggish, to be fair and honest,
Piggish, the kilos aren't a sin,
Piggish, between a chubby and a slim
Piggish. It's all the same. Oh Piggish
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