James Kennedy - Unconditional



There's something that I've gotta say
I know we get caught up in the day by day
But it don't need to take a minute or two
To remind you
That we've been through so much
These words just ain't enough
It's unconditional
And I don't care at all
If it's dysfunctional
It's Unconditional
Sometimes I stop and I just watch you
And I wonder if you only knew
That I'm the richest person alive
'Cos I have known you and had you in my life
Though life can be so tough
It never changes us
'Cos it's unconditional
We fight, we break
And God knows we make mistakes
But it's unconditional
Home, home
Wherever you are is my home
I can't imagine life without you there
And I wanna say thank you for everything
And I wouldn't change a single part
Of this crazy journey of ours
It's unconditional
There's nothing you could ever do
To stop me loving you
It's unconditional
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