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omekalikante lyrics

  • Artist: jan Usawi
English, Toki Pona, French
English, Toki Pona, French


(ceci n’est pas une guitar
ni li kalama uta)
i been in the game for a year now
took a lil while, but i’m here now
showed ‘em what i had, they said it warranted a badge
why the hell did i think it wasn’t clear how
now i’m coming back on the mic
the studio one, that’s right
out from the dorm, back in the home, bass with the amp simulator on the vox, automating the delay time
i’m making bank in a business they ain’t even heard of
i only stumble over my words
tryna explain just half of a third of
what kinda world i’m living in terms of
now even they want me to get the word out
137, to be unexact
they think it’s crazy i made that work out
brains getting blurred out
cause on top of the lyricism, yeah i made the beats hit
top of the line before they’re even completed
go ahead with the tuner, boy, i don’t even need it
and on top of the quality, i stay friendly to speak with
if i even blow up, that’s how i intend to keep it
if i’m being real i still don’t fully believe this
but jesus
would be a good rhyme if i said the name that way so i gotta go meta
hardly would be my song if i didn’t
i know the way i write and i woulda dodged that shit if i didn’t know better
but y’all love me and i don’t dodge evidence
i’m too busy here setting precedents
getting a bit excessive like
pali nasa
mi wile e mani la
mi ken kalama suli e nimi sama “wawa” sama “pipi” sama “mama”
mama mi li ken kute e ni
nasin pi jan mute la mi nasa taso ala
(sina pilin monsuta ala monsuta?)
taso mani li kama tawa mi
toki sewi li kama tawa mi
sona mute li kama tawa mi
ijo ni li pona tawa mi
lukin mi la mi ken monsuta
tenpo pini la ken ni li lon ala
(a a a, musi a—sina o pilin monsuta)
ni la
o jan pi awen toki lawa ni:
mi o awen lili sama ni
a la sina ken ala lukin
mi kama pilin e ni:
sina lon ala lon tenpo mi
ni la mi ken weka e sona toki sina lon tenpo ale
ken la lon ni li awen
utala sina la sitelen mi li lon e wile mi kepeken
pilin wawa pi ken ala lape
ni li ike taso sina wile ala pake
la mi toki suli sin e ni:
(i still haven't brushed my teeth yet, i should probably do that)
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