Bushido - Janine (English translation)

English translation


Once there was a girl
She was a little premature
She’ll makes you feel warm all over like gluhwein
She was still young
Her name was Janine
Mama was there
But he waited until she fell asleep
She had already made this experience at the age of 14
Poor girl
Because she lives in the worst part of the city
Her mother always clings to the wrong men
To aggressive old jerks without money
Like her stepfather
But Janine herself did not believe
What happened this time
Because he tells her
That he is no longer too old for her
And a short time later he rapes her
Everything is getting too much for her
Because he’s doing it again and again
And like every night
He also comes tonight
You have to give me
What (your) Mama can’t give me anymore
And soon she recognizes that she’s pregnant
From this man
I tell you a story, it’s really true
About Janine a girl who was just 14
She saw no way out anymore
She always wanted to trust someone – but whom?
She couldn’t even trust herself
She was at the end
And lost her whole selfconfidence
And even though everything always seemed so normal
Everything is screwed, her name was Janine
She’s pregnant, nobody is to know
How should she manage it
How should she get a child
Normally that’s what friends are for
She had none while she was in the 9th month
And suddenly the labors start
And Janine recognized fast
Now the baby is to be born
She does not get far
She comes down the stairs
Where she can be alone, in the basement of her mother
Among spider webs and boxes
She was to get a wonderful boy
The baby in her lap
She does not know what to do
She does not know if she should cry
Or laugh
Out of fear to go home with the baby
She stood outside for a moment
She was only 14
For fear of strokes she laid
Her baby down in front of the church now and ran
She was no girl which painted nails with 14
More like one who’d get hit at 14
Today Janine knows
When it rains she’ll get wet
She regrets it every day
That she does not have her baby anymore
She did not get happy
And felt ashamed very much
She thought again and again that her life is screwed up
A failed existence
Her lifestyle is secondhand
She was weary of simply running away
What should she do, will she soon get her act together
She can’t manage (life)
Because she was raped back then
It’s Janine dishonored by her stepfather
nicht mal ein Cent wert
es war so sie kampfte bis zum Schluss
doch sie wusste dass sie all dem jetzt
But she knew that she had to put it to an end now
And she remembered her child
She is lost
Simply stands on a bridge and...
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