Nina Brodskaya - Zvenit yanvarskaya viyuga (Звенит январская вьюга) (English translation)

English translation

January Blizzard

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To meet sincere love is not an easy task,
The planet spins around, it is round like a flask.
The planet flies ahead through the turmoil of days,
It is no easy thing: to find love that stays.
Snow blizzard sings through the shut doors,
And rainfalls lash with taut downpours,
And bright stars race in closed circles,
And the cities sedate.
The people don't see each other,
The people pass by each other,
The people lose one another,
And then never can find their mate.
There is one more hard task in finding love that lasts,
You find it, suddenly it is false, like the past.
What you've found isn't true, but in the rush of days
It is hard, it is hard to steer through this maze.
Yet somewhere my sweet love exists to warm my heart,
The only one, no doubt, timeless love from the start.
For a long time I look for true love, not a fling,
But it's not easy to come across such thing.
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Equirhythmic poetic translation of the 1973 classic.


Zvenit yanvarskaya viyuga (Звенит январская вьюга)