Stan Borys - Jaskółka uwięziona (English translation)

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Imprisoned swallow

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Swallow - a black dagger
ripped out of the breast of wind
A sudden anchor of sadness
dropped from an invisible yacht
Caught within a cathedral,
its high net of a vault
Like death, the mass of stone
Like a verdict the square of pews
Swallow - a lightning in an abandoned church
Black scissors, it slits through the fear
that' sweeps over it
Swallow - the sister of storm, mourning flying
over the heads of people overcome by solicitude
Swallow - a sub-celestial sign, elusive like a symbol
Ensnared in the cold of a cathedral
a warning and a prayer
It won't cut through the white silence
under the leaden cloud
It won't lower the trajectory of its flight
A golden patch over meadows
The moment that stole its freedom
fills me with fear
Swallow - a black diamond
Cast here by the devil
To eternal whirling
To silent torment
To never alighting on a nest
To the cursing of beauty
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Jaskółka uwięziona

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