Marcel Khalife - Jawaz Al-Safar/ جواز السفر (English translation)


Jawaz Al-Safar/ جواز السفر

لم يعرفوني في الظلال التي
تمتصُّ لوني في جواز السفرْ
وكان جرحي عندهم معرضاً
لسائح يعشق جمع الصور
لم يعرفوني، آه... لا تتركي
كفي بلا شمسٍ،
لأن الشجر
تعرفني كل أغاني المطر
لا تتركيني شاحباً كالقمر!
كلُّ العصافير التي لاحقتْ
كفى على باب المطار البعيد
كل حقول القمح،
كل السجونِ،
كل القبور البيض
كل الحدودِ،
كل المناديل التي لوَحتْ،
كل العيونِ
كانت معي، لكنهم
قد أسقطوها من جواز السفر!
عارٍ من الاسم، من الانتماء ْ؟
في تربة ربَّيتها باليدينْ؟
أيوب صاح اليوم ملء السماء:
لا تجعلوني عبرة مرتين!
يا سادتي! يا سادتي الأنبياء
لا تسألوا الأشجار عن اسمها
لا تسألوا الوديان عن أُمها
من جبهتي ينشق سيف الضياء
ومن يدي ينبع ماء النهر
كل قلوب الناس... جنسيتي
فلتسقطوا عني جواز السفر
Submitter's comments:

This song is a poem written by Mahmoud Darwish.

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English translation


They didn't know me
in the shadows that
absorbed my color
into the passport
and my wound was for them like an exhibition in a gallery
for a tourist who loves collecting pictures
They didn't know me
don't let the palm of your hand under the sunshine (at a woman)
because the trees know me
even all the songs of the rain know me
because the trees know me
all the songs of the rain know me
don't leave me pale like the moon (to a woman)
like the moon..
all the birds who followed the palm of my hand to the door
of the far away airport
all the fields of wheat
all the prisons
all the white graves
all the borders
all the handkerchiefs that waved
all the eyes
everything was with me but they
had let it all fallen to be not in the passport!
forced to be ashamed of my name and my sense of belonging
in the dirt which I had formed with my own hands
Hiob's patience calls into the sky of the new day:
don't make an example of me - second, second!*
Gentlemen, gentlemen and prophets
don't ask the trees what their names are!
don't ask the valleys who their mothers are!
from my forehead a sword of light comes out
and from my hand sprigs the water of the river..
The hearts of all humans are my nationality!
so free me of this passport..
*The author of the poem, Mahmoud Darwish, wants to show that the person who describes here his suffer and his patience, doesn't want to be forced to show the same mass of patience as Hiob as an example had to show. Thats the reason why he says 'second'. He doesn't want to be a second Hiob.
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