Jay Laden - Dear ex

  • Artist: Jay Laden
  • Song: Dear ex
  • Translations: Greek, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish

Dear ex

I'm singing dear ex,you fucked up
You missed out,shut up.
Don't call my phone,I'm moving on.
You missed my love.
You text on my phone saying "i love you",
Hit me outa the blue to see wassup with you?
Who's your boo?I still think of you,
Don't understand why you keep calling my phone.
When I said my goodbyes,so long ago
You feeling gold
You ask me if I want you,I say no.
I solved my problems when I left
I'm fed up with the stress,
I moved on to the next.
You swear you was the best.
But it was just a test,you failed just like the rest
Now your staring in my eyes
Saying don't say goodbye
Tryna found your eyes ,then turn your back and cry
How am I suppossed to believe it,you was always cheating
I wonder why I believed you
You came and go like different seasons
What,what,what's the reason?
Now you begging and pleading
Saying baby,"please forgive me"
But I'm over it.
I'm done with the nonsense,
Get over with the old shit!
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