Je n'oublierai jamais (English translation)

  • Artist: Johnny Hallyday (Jean-Philippe Léo Smet)
  • Song: Je n'oublierai jamais 3 translations
  • Translations: English, Romanian, Spanish
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I will never forget

You can do anything to me
Tear my flesh
Drain my blood
Tear me apart piece1 by piece
The pieces of my life
Torment me on earth
Scratch out my memory
The traces of the past
I will never forget
I will never forget
Her body between your hands
Trampled, torn
And me there, disobedient
Incapable and pinned down
To the hands of your torture
To the hands of sacrifice
Lost for her
You can tell me anything
That I am already dead
And that I am going to rot
Withered from the sun
A gift for the vultures
Open it, your mouth
You will shatter one day
Like cowards shatter
I will never forget
I will never forget
That it was thanks to her
That I lived my life
And that I loved only her
And what she said to me
That she loved only me
That she fought for me
And that she died
You can change everything
The country, the prison
The face and the name
The faith and the god
And even change the skin
A friend somewhere
Who will have my memory
And find you one day
I will never forget
I will never forget
  • 1. lit. drop
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Je n'oublierai jamais

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