Cali - Je rêve de voir l'été (English translation)

English translation

I dream of seeing summer

A nurse parades her heavy breasts over the white sheets
Of my bed like two hot air balloons floating
Over hazy memories, feverish memories
Memories of times when I was really alive
I dream of seeing the summer (x2)
A bouquet of dazed peonies in a vase
Watches me wither away in a thousand tumours
The corridor groans with those closer to death than me
And at the end, Jesus drying out on a cross
I dream of seeing the summer (x2)
You’ll come to kiss me one last time
I’ll feel cowardly for leaving ahead of you
We will remember our fights and our laughter
Showing off, I’ll tell you that - dying...there are worse things
I dream of a refreshing aperitif under the summer sun 1
And of the bar Chez Jeanine on the Vernet town square
I dream of a tongue to suck like an ice-cream
In a nightspot, Making love until dizzy 2
I dream of seeing the summer (x2)
I’m going to leave this hotel of ghosts soon
Where you hear coughing and howling to death
To the rising moon, my arms are much too short
My eyelids close, it’s like after making love
I dream of seeing the summer
  • 1. Ricard - classic French aperitif, served long with cold water in a tall glass. the 'blanc' is without any added colourings
  • 2. until 'stoned' from it.
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Je rêve de voir l'été

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petit élève    Wed, 19/07/2017 - 15:56

my hazy memories -> would that sound odd without "my"?

étourdies -> not really "scattered", more like "giddy" or "dazed"

hurler à la mort -> maybe "howling (to death)". The expression is based on dog/wolf howling.

Gavin    Wed, 19/07/2017 - 16:14

Um, yes can do without the 'my'.

I thought "dazed" at first but it seemed a bit odd. On re-reading it it seems quite reasonable.

Yes, "howling"is much better! :-)