Yelle - Je veux te voir (English translation)

English translation

i want to see you

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Cuizinier with your small sex surrounds by russet-red hairs
I do not arrive has to believe that you can believe that one wants of you
I do not believe in it even in the black, even if you guards your pyjamas
Even if you guards your dressing gown, in the shape of old-fashioned tee-shirt
Keep on your shirt that will limit the damage bastard
I want to see you
In a pornographic film
In action with your cock
Form patatoes or fried
For any knowledge
On your anatomy
On your Teki cousin
And your accessories fetishes
Cuizi it is what
Your favorite position
Your Olympic performances
But you do not have anything orgasmic
You are very naked
Under your apron
Loan to be decladded
But I acknowledge you nothing made there
You dreams of Hummer fluo
Draw by Akroe
But you do not have the licence
You always travel by the subway
One evening Superstar your life becomes again normal afterwards
Not need for black glasses to hide you nobody recognizes you
Your green chart awaits you guy
They is not idle talk
I succeeded in with you making some
One with my scanner
The entry is free this evening
It is the only means so that one comes
Then the girls one walks
Ouais one goes to the chippendales
One had not envisaged to pass the evening with the funny ones
One wanted to see the pectoral ones, guys go up like bulls
Your posters of Lil' Jon recover those of Magic Jonhson
Your body is too crunk to ensure the dunks
Cuiziner it is you whom I want to see
That I want to see this evening
To make you ridicule by a girl who grates better than you
I do not have enough of my 10 fingers to count them in the room
All these capped girls as me who know what you be worth with hair
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Je veux te voir