Yelle - Je veux te voir (English translation)

English translation

I want to see you

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Cuizinier with your small penis surrounded by red pubes
I can't believe that you believe that anyone wants you
I don't believe it even at night, even if you keep your pajamas on
Even if you wear your nightshirt, looking like a lame t-shirt
Keep your shirt on, that will limit the damage, bastard
I want to see you
In a pornographic flick
In action with your dick
Looks like potatoes or more like fries
To know everything
About your anatomy
About your cousin Teki
And your fetish accessories
Cuizi what is
Your favorite position
Your Olympic renditions
But there's never orgasms
You are all nude
Under your apron
Ready to pull it out
But I swear there's nothing there
You dream of a fluorescent Hummer
Designed by Akroe
But you don't have a license
You always take the Metro
Superstar for one night, your life is normal again after
No need for sunglasses to hide your face, no one recognizes you
Your green card* is waiting for you man
These aren't just words in the air
I've succeeded at making you worry
With my scanner
Entrance is free tonight
That's the only way anyone will come
Then the girls file in
Yeah we're going to the Chippendales
We didn't expect the spend the night with losers
We wanted to see some pectorals, some guys hung like bulls
Your posters of Lil Jon cover up the Magic Johnson ones
Your body is too crunk to put on any dunks
Cuizinier it's you I want to see
That I want to see tonight
To be made look a fool by a girl who raps better than you
I don't have enough fingers to count in this room
All the girls with hairdos like me
Who know that you're as good as a pube
*"Carte verte" = "green card" = proof of car insurance, in France. Another jab at Cuizi not being able to drive.
Submitted by cyco on Mon, 21/07/2014 - 19:09
Author's comments:

The other translations are close, but still mistake a few lines. Also, I changed a few lines from their direct translation to make more sense in English or to try and keep some of the rhyme scheme.

"J'ai réussi à t'en faire
Une avec mon scanner" is still confusing to me...


Je veux te voir

Joutsenpoika    Tue, 27/03/2018 - 22:39

J'ai réussi à t'en faire
Une avec mon scanner

I managed to make you
One with my scanner (/printer). (or 'one for you').