Paula Fernandes - Jeito de Mato (English translation)

English translation

A Way of the Woods

Where do these sad eyes come from?
They come from the meadow where the sun sets
From the delightful ground where you lie on
sleeping serene, dreaming in the dew
Where does this cheerful voice come from?
From the insistent rain, which the sky rejects
From the woods, the fear, the sad loss
But which the sun rescues, burns and rejoices
There is a stone road that goes through the farm
It is your destiny, your path, where your songs are
The storms of time that mark your history
Fire that burns in the memory and lights up hearts
Yes, flowers grown from your feet on the ground
Your soft voice soothes the pain
Spreading bright colors through the air
Ah ... Ah ... Ah ...
Yes, waterfalls come out of your eyes
Seven lagoons, honey and games
Foamy waves, waters of your sea
Ah ... Ah ... Ah ...
êeh laiá...
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Jeito de Mato

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