Peilomat - Jenny (English translation)

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Jenny saw it on TV
She wants to be part of casting too
Just a few weeks
And you're famous, go-go and on TV
Her eyes, 80C, her voice is alright
And her luscious butt sways so beautifully
And the people like to see that
Their whole world circles around this one moment
She sings and dances and wishes luck for herself
Jenny wants to be a popstar
They are searching for one like her in Germany
Yes, Jenny want to be a popstar
A real shootingstar
The new newcomer
Like a superstar
The sun shines out of her *ss
Because she is invited to the recall
She is the secret star of the class 10a
Her new life starts in a good way
Dad says: "That's sh*t"
And Mom is delighted like crazy
And her small brother sells her underwear
To the boys at the school yard
The whole world circles
Around her small big luck
She never, never wants to go back
And then it's in the Bravo
She sleeps with a boygroup star
Because her unknown ex-boyfriend
Should regret what was back then
She kisses with Madonna
Undresses for the Playboy
But suddenly she wakes up
And the jury laughs at her
She's out!
Though she just wanted to be a popstar
A real shootingstar
The new newcomer
And Germany nearly found her
Jenny wanted to be a popstar
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